The Agency Commitment

When The Agency was formed, we wanted to create a firm that does more than just buy, sell and manage real estate.  We wanted to be known throughout our community as an agency whose primary mission is to promote the betterment and well being of our community, our clients, and our industry.  In doing so, we shall hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence and ask our clients to demand that we achieve this standard each and every day. 

At The Agency it is our intent not only to make a significant impact upon the local real estate industry but to revolutionize it.  We pledge to conduct ourselves with a quality of service, integrity, and professionalism that is unprecedented.  In addition, we pledge to implement innovative new ideas and to establish unique partnerships with other local organizations to help build a real estate market that serves its community and its clients in ways that it has never done before.

We willl forge partnerships with our clients which transcend traditional agent/client relationships, not only forming mutual business arrangements but friendships that will last a lifetime. 

This is our commitment!

Welcome to Florida

State in the extreme SE United States. A long, low peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is bordered by Georgia and Alabama.
Area,53,674.76 sq mi 
Pop. (2010) 19,893,297 
Largest city,Jacksonville. 
Nickname, Sunshine State.
State bird, mockingbird.
State flower, orange blossom.
State tree, Sabal palmetto palm.
Tourism plays a primary role in the state's economy; in 2010 visitors to Florida spent over $60 billion. Walt Disney World, a massive cluster of theme parks near Orlando that is one of the world's leading tourist attractions; Universal Studios, a combination theme park and film and television production facility, also near Orlando; and other attractions draw millions yearly.
Famed beaches, such as those at Miami Beach , Daytona Beach , and Fort Lauderdale , attract hordes of vacationers. With more than 4,000 sq mi (10,360 sq km) of inland water and with the sea readily accessible from almost anywhere in the state, Florida is a fishing paradise. Other attractions include Everglades National Park, with its unusual plant and animal life; Palm Beach , with its palatial estates; and Sanibel Island's picturesque resorts.

Famous for its citrus fruits, Florida leads the nation in the production of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and market-ready corn and tomatoes. Other important crops include sugarcane and many varieties of winter vegetables. Cattle and dairy products are important, as is commercial fishing, with the catch including crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.



*Information from the United States census bureau.