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Three fed agencies approved a proposal to allow automated appraisals on homes worth less than $400K; they'll be accepting public comments for the next 60 days. Learn more.

12/10/2018 3:20:46 AM

You expand a customer base by building a relationship – the same thing you do when dating. And if you ask certain questions too early, you could ruin everything.

12/10/2018 3:22:03 AM

CoreLogic Home Equity Report: Fla. homeowners gained a little less on average, in the 3Q: $10K. U.S. increases are down year-to-year; in 3Q 2017, it was $16K.

12/10/2018 3:28:03 AM

The old rule: Kids grow up, leave the house and parents downsize. However, boomers today are hunkering down and hurting home supply in the move-up market.

12/11/2018 3:05:40 AM

Clock is ticking if you need coverage. NAR's Members Health Insurance Exchange can help members enroll in an individual medical plan from a variety of carriers.

12/11/2018 2:59:40 AM

Calling it "the first feature of its kind among digital real estate companies," buyers text a rep who calls them back and refers them to an agent.

12/11/2018 3:13:38 AM

There's more to America's second-home market than beaches with palm trees and hammocks. NAHB found a heavy concentration in or near metro areas. The U.S. has about 7.4 million vacation or second homes, or 5.6% of the total housing stock.

12/11/2018 3:04:40 AM

Hurricanes generated more than $15 billion in Fla. claims over the past two years. Increasing AOB claims, notably in S. Fla., also have caused big national companies to largely leave the state in favor of smaller, Fla.-based insurers.

12/10/2018 3:27:15 AM

Fla.-owned "insurer of last resort" blames higher costs from water claims and AOB abuse. The 8.2% request is an average increase. Some customers would pay more.

12/11/2018 3:03:26 AM

A number of Realtors received an email over the weekend with the subject line "Help Support Diana Recovery." Ignore it and report it, says NAR.

12/10/2018 3:26:01 AM

Fannie Mae and FHA are expected to join Freddie in a yearly tradition: a moratorium on evictions even though foreclosure paperwork will continue to move forward.

12/11/2018 3:02:38 AM

FEMA can't legally duplicate aid efforts by other fed agencies – but if HUD stops paying because a home is unlivable, residents may qualify for FEMA aid.

12/10/2018 3:25:09 AM

A real estate broker working with foreclosed properties was sentenced last week to six months in federal prison for committing wire fraud against Fannie Mae.

12/11/2018 3:01:32 AM

Smart-home appliances and gadgets connect to the internet and give owners amenities they didn't know they needed – but they can also give hackers an access key.

12/10/2018 3:23:48 AM