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A different way to purchase real estate services!

We believe the time has come for the real estate industry to provide consumers with what they have wanted for years - responsible choices that offer QVT in every transaction:

Quality services
real Value and
complete Transparency.

Any agent can call himself a consultant, but if you want real choices in the real estate services you receive and how you pay for them, you now have a legitimate choice.  Choose an accredited real estate consultant!  If you don't know the difference between a real estate sales person and an accredited real estate consultant, please contact us at 863-686-7080(o), 1-800-813-9180(toll free), or e-mail us at

For more detailed information about professional real estate consulting and the services that we offer,  simply click on The Menu, for a glimpse at the future of real estate.


The Menu

Served Exclusively at The Agency

If you were were to call a real estate agent to ask how much he/she would charge to sell your home, you would most likely hear a percentage, perhaps somewhere between 5 and 7 percent, based upon the sale price of your home.  Today's real estate commission model has become so ingrained into the American subconscious, that most real estate consumers and many real estate professionals have never even considered the possibility of another method of compensation.  “If it ain't broke, don't fix it”, right? 

Fortunately, The Menu provides homeowners with a unique listing alternative.  Here are THE 4 PRIMARY REASONS why The Menu is the listing model of the the future:

  1. Only one agent (the buyer's agent) receives a commission.  With the current model, two agents receive commissions.
  2. You keep most of the equity in your home.  With the current model, homeowners can walk away from a closing with less money than the real estate agents.
  3. You only pay The Agency for the services we provide, regardless of the price of your home.  With the current model, you are penalized for the value of your home.
  4. You have choices and more control.  With the current model, you either get “full service” or “no service”, nothing in between.

In the future, the real estate consultant is going to replace the real estate salesperson, and The Agency is leading the industry in providing our clients with an improved real estate model that is consumer friendly, not commission friendly.

Seller Menu

Introduce client to The Menu.  Conduct a thorough Seller Needs Assessment.  Educate client on how to select an agent and on agency representation.  Provide client with Seller Checklist.  -- 


Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis.  Explanation and/or completion of all applicable listing agreements, purchase agreements, disclosure documents and current market conditions.  Discuss how to stage the home for sale.  Calculate estimated closing costs.  Develop selling strategy. - Flat Fee

List property on Mid Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service (the most effective way to successfully market a home).  List property on various websites (including, but not limited to,,,,, Google, Yahoo Classifieds,,,,,,,  Create a professional flyer or listing card.  Distribute to your neighbors, friends and local real estate offices.  Provide yard sign and lockbox.  Schedule all showings.  Make follow up calls to agents & prospects.  Communicate all feedback to sellers. - Flat Monthly Fee

Assist in the preparation of all offers and counter offers.  Deliver all offers and counter offers.  Assist in disclosure process.  Handle earnest money deposits.  Provide copies of all documents to all parties. - Flat Fee

Coordinate & troubleshoot all steps toward closing.  Coordinate & communicate among buyer, seller, lender, closing agent, vendors and all other applicable parties.  Negotiate and communicate potential amendments.  Review closing documents and attend closing, as needed. - Flat Fee

Everyone knows a good Realtor, whether he/she is a friend, relative, neighbor or acquaintence.  But, just because you know a Realtor doesn't make him/her the best person to sell your home, which is probably the biggest investment you have ever made.  If the services on The Menu do not appeal to you or if you have a friend or family member who lives outside our local market or who requires services outside our specific areas of expertise, we can help find the right Realtor for you.  Through our statewide consulting and referral program, The Agency is fully equipped to conduct detailed MLS research of most Florida markets. As your professional real estate consultant, we will help find and refer you to the best, most qualified Realtor to sell your home in the most timely, efficient and professional manner.  Meanwhile, throughout the entire transaction from listing to closing and beyond, we will provide you with FREE, unlimited consulting services. - FREE

BROKER or PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE - Flat Fee (+ costs)

Print media, including magazines and newspapers, internet advertising and additional website placement, direct mail, virtual tours, etc. - Flat Fee (+ costs)